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Safety Overview

We are excited to share with you our safety protocols, procedures!

  • Safety Training
    • Skyline Directional uses a company called Veriforce for safety training. This is a certificate based program.
    • Skyline uses Accurate Safety for Forklift, CPR, First Aid, AED, and Bloodborne Pathogens.


  • OHSA Logs/Man-Hours/Policy and Procedures
    • ISNetworld houses our OSHA logs and hours, site tracker of man-hours, Core training, Qualifications, Insurance forms, Policy and Procedure, and questionnaires.
    • Skylines insurance carriers are Shattuck and Amerisafe.


  • Drug & Alcohol screening
    • PEC Safety and NCMS (National Compliance Management System) holds our drug screen testing information. We use McBride Clinic to perform our drug screening. We follow DOT regulations and these are performed on a quarterly basis and are 10 panels.


  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Skyline uses Accurate Safety for our PPE.


    • JSA’s (Job Safety Analysis) are updated annually or anytime there is a job change or new job task. Skyline also has an SBO (Safety Based Observation) program that has been implemented and tracks near misses, suggestions, and corrective actions.